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Bad Credit Car Loans: What You Need To Know

The team at Flint Car Credit not only specializes in bad credit car loans, but, we like to teach our clients what they should expect, and what they can learn from the begining and throughout the entire process of getting into a loan. Many people searching to buy a car and may have bad credit think you have to jump thru hoops and it is very difficult, and we like to prove that a falicy.

Know What Vehicle You Need

This sounds like a ridiculous question to some people, but, if the lender can offer you a better rate or

better term for some reason on a specific vehicle you want to know. Take for instance a SUV that seats only 5 verus 7, and you only need seats for 5, and it give you a betern loan approval, this information can be vital and save you money choosing one vehicle over another.

Know Your Credit Score

It is very easy to know your credit score going into the process and Flint Car Credit can check your entire credit score with a soft credit inquiry for free at anytime for our customers that are shopping. Knowing what you score is and what is on your credit will help you understand what the lenders are seeing and why they might needs certain information.

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