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Why Us?

There are many dealerships, credit unions, banks, and buy here pay here lots in the Genesee County area, why choose us?  The answer is actually simple, but, also detailed.  We are the car loans experts that not only care, we have the resources and vehicles that can save you money.  We currently work with over 50 local and national lenders and can negotiate rates and approvals that even some of the largest dealerships are unable to.  


Now lets talk about why you should choose us for your personal needs and not just the loan wer are able to provide.  Our team is trained to understand how to learn our customers needs and get them not only into the vehicle they want and need, but, with a downpayment and monthly payment they can afford and our happy with.  To top that off we also focus on rebuilding your credit history and putting you into a situation that will allow you to visit us again in the near future if you need to trade out of your vehicle into something else.  Our goal is simple, customers for life, that truely enjoy working with us. 

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