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Q: What will be my interest rate?

A: Great question! There really can not be a direct answer for this. Rates will be based off of your credit history and the loan amount and values of the vehicle. We have access to over 100 lending avenues that allow us to get you the lowest rate available on your loan.


Q: Do I need a Cosigner for my loan?

A: A cosigner may help you a great deal on interest rate and loan availability depending on your current situation. A Cosigner is not need, and we guarantee you a credit approval without having one.


Q: Will inquiries on my credit hurt my credit score?

A: During a short shopping period you may receive a few credit inquires depending on how many times you apply for a loan. A few of these will not hurt your score much and will not keep you from our guaranteed credit approval program. We do suggest that you keep your shopping within reason and not to let your credit to be pulled a large amount of times because this could over time lower your score and affect an approval for a car loan.


Q: What if I have filed bankruptcy or had a repossession recently?

A: We can still offer you a guaranteed credit approval for an auto loan even if you have filed bankruptcy, had a repossession, or even a foreclosure on your home.


Q: Is there an early termination fee if I want to pay the loan off early?

A: No!  All of our car loans are designed to protect the customer and you can pay them off at any time with no early termination fee or cost. 

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