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Bad Credit Car Loans Offered in Flint, MI

Most customers when shopping for a vehicle start by asking themsevles how much can I spend and who should I go to for a loan. Flint Car Credit in Flint, MI has taken the approach that finding the vehicle that you need should come first, then securing financing should be the stress free portion of the transaction.

The Flint Car Credit team has signed up to work with over 50 specialty lending instituions to allow for

millions of dollars in funds to lend to customers in the Flint, Michigan area. The fianancial instituations understood that the vehicles need to range from low cost cars to larger nicer sport utility and trucks, and they a loan should be available for every type.

Securing the financing is easy and you can even apply for an instant credit approval online or just call a friendly loan specialist at 810.579.2030.

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